Wedding Garters – Bridal Garters for 2018

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”.

Every bride to be has heard this phrase in anticipation of her wedding day. Wedding day traditions are extremely important and should be viewed as a chance to personalize this special moment in your life. The tradition of throwing the garter originated back in 14th Century Europe where it was believed that having a piece of the brides clothing brought good luck and love. We take special care and pride in personalizing your garter to match your vision. Fabrics are available in a ride variety of colors and textures that include lace, satin, organza and specialty stretch lace. Charms and other custom flair can be added to create a unique and personalized look.

The Bridal Garter the Perfect Wedding Keepsake

Weddings are undeniably special days. They are a time to celebrate the love between two people, and for friends and family to honor the forming of a new union. A wedding is one of the most important moments for a couple, and it is an event to be cherished and remembered for the rest of their lifetime together.

Advancements in technology allow for the impressive documentation of events. Each instance – from the mundane to the impressive – can be catalogued for the world to see.

The new era of wedding guests are fully plugged in during the ceremony. They tweet, post Facebook status updates, upload filtered images to Instagram, and post videos to YouTube.

For couples on a budget, skipping professional photography – an expenditure that can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars – might be an impressive option. With each guest capable of taking hundreds of pictures during the event, the budget bride and groom may prefer to spend their money elsewhere and instead rely on the pictures and videos taken by their guests on digital cameras, smartphones, video recorders, tablets, and other devices.

But pictures are only one way to make memories.

A sentimental bride will prefer to extend the memories beyond just the pictures and videos. Brides will keep physical reminders of their big day: cake toppers, ring pillows, bridal sashes, and wedding decorations – all of which are usually stored away in a box to be taken out at a later time for reminiscing over the special day.

The wedding garter is one such keepsake that a bride will cherish even after her big day is over.

Many weddings involve a garter tossing. Much like a bouquet toss, tossing the wedding garter is a time-honored tradition that couples continue to include as part of the post-ceremony festivities. While the tradition of garter tossing has declined in popularity in recent years (not to say this is a completely outdated practice), many women who forego the garter toss continue to use garters for their weddings. The garter, particularly one in blue, can address some of the criteria of the wedding day tradition, “Something new, something old, something borrowed, and something blue” without conflicting with a bride’s exterior presentation.

A garter can also serve as a nice surprise for the new husband after the wedding guests have left the couple in peace.

Regardless of the purpose, garters are a wonderful keepsake. Women who do want to engage in a garter toss may feel inclined to purchase a keepsake garter, which can be left higher up on the leg.

In the end, all we really have are memories. And the garter is just one more way to remember your special day. Find your wedding garter too.

How To Wear A Wedding Garter

How to wear a wedding garterWearing a garter on your wedding day has been a tradition for many, many years. One thing I’ve been asked often over the year is “Where should I wear my wedding garter?”. This is actually something that would be ideal for a bride to know before they purchase a garter, to ensure that the measurements provided were taken from the correct area on your leg.

I always tell my customers that the garter should be worn 2″ above the knee, and this is for several reasons that I will discuss here.

The most important reason for this location is comfort. Wearing the garter any lower would feel awkward and it would be at risk of falling off. The last thing you want to be doing all night is attempting to pull the garter back up because it’s sliding down.

When you think about what events will happen when wearing a garter, you want to make sure that you don’t wear it too high. At some point throughout the evening, you’ll want to take photos of your garter set on your leg and you don’t want to reveal more than you have to. Part of the age old wedding garter tradition is the garter toss and this is another big reason why we don’t want to wear it too high. Make sure that the tossing garter is worn below the keepsake garter. Having it 2″ above the knee will make it easy on your spouse to locate the tossing garter without causing an awkward scene.

Lastly, we don’t want to wear it any higher because that may cause the garter to rub against your other leg and causing itching and chafing.

All of my garters are designed and created to be worn 2″ above the knee in comfort.